26 Oct 2005

Porky Prime Cuts

Hello here we are at the most exciting launch of my blog. Here I hope to upload some bits 'n' bobs you may want to download. I'll also put some words down here by the side of the pics, some of which may even be intelligent and witty but I wouldn't hold your breath

In the mean time here's a little gem from the Mega Pop Star band Madness from Germany in 1981. This was back from when they still were energetic (pissed) on stage and before the worldly wise melancholy started to creep in and at least 24 years prior to the bleeding awful karaoke/Butlin's red coat/Status Quo/Daniel O'Donnel album that is 'The Dangermen Sessions vol 1'. So enjoy and feel free to comment on anything you wish.

Also if anyone has a copy of 'Madness - 5-11-85 Norwich UEA' I'd be grateful (My first gig) :)




http://rapidshare.de/files/6789852/M29-12-81-4.rar.html enjoy

1 comment:

The Bogus Man said...

Not my first gig, but I did get to see Specials / Madness / Selecter on the 2nd night of the Two Tone tour!

Went on to see Madness a good 7 times before they split - never the same after the reformation

Nice blog, by the way