13 Nov 2005

'I wanna riot a riot of my own'
Here we are again me waffling on and you lot not leaving any comments, well, why not? Come on I need to know if you like the muzak etc. Sorry bit ill at the moment so I'm feeling grumpy (Which is usually Snow White's job). today's offering is 'The Clash' Live at the Lochem Festival from 1982. I've got others but then I'd have to go through some disks to get them and I don't feel like it so there. Been reading the book called 'A riot of our own: Night and day with The Clash' by Johnny Green and Garry Barker It was the sadly ex BBC 6 Music DJ Jane Gazzo that recommended it on her show and throough the magic of the interweb less than a week later I had a cheap copy from (cheap being my second favourite price next to free). Been comparing The Clash to Green Day lately to some of the children at work I can see similarities in the dress the energy and especially in the political nature of some of the songs but the Clash would always win in the long run. I only got into the clash in retro as I'd been listening to Big Audio Dynamite (more of which in later posts). Anyway enough waffling here are the posts.



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