30 Mar 2006

"So there I am polished heart throat in full puff I look the part my wad is packed to reimburse.I've yet to re-rehearse many moons spent on lovelines lent from Long-legged pop-eyed fat-necked Benny Bullfrog".
Not much going on in the world of retail as of late except for the fact that there was a Joanne Guest look a like in store. Suffice to say we weren't sure if it was her or not as no one could bring forth the pictures of her with clothes on in our minds ...plenty of oyster shots spring forth in our memories though can't say why!?! Anyone who doesn't know who she is go to google images and be amazed/disgustied/shocked/pleased/educated/delighted in any combination, whilst you're doing that I'll be in the toilet with the tap running for a few minutes.
I'm beginning to stay in a good mood just lately, this is due to either the imminent good weather or, as this IS Britain and therefore grey, dull and wet, the fact that I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks and will receive stuff. This delights me enormously in a mercenary 'Eric Cartman' type of way. It also whittles down my Amazon wishlist as I scan their pages Andy Pitkin style "That one, that one, that one." So far I'm on ten pages it would be more only I try to limit myself, the same goes for eBay I mean why do I need a 1983 edition of Smash Hits? I had to buy a bigger trunk to fit all the ebay crap in there, damn you internet damn you all to hell!!! Must .. resist ...Genuine ...Swedish ... wooden handle potato masher. Ebay is really like a worldwide car boot sale only without the Gypsies selling stolen goods and Pirate DVDs (were not talking Pirates of the Caribbean here either). I suppose I should thank the Abbey Nazinial for charging me waaaaaaaaaaaaay over the odds in overdraft charges (£35 for a £2.99 cheque?) otherwise by now I be hiring a container in Southampton docks to store some deely boppers, space hopper and rubiks cubes? Tonight's post is a punk and New Wave compilation as I'm reading 'Rip it up and start again' which is a history of the Punk and Post Punk periods 1978 - 1984 by Simon Reynolds. It's a big heavy book and once I've finished reading it I may get to work five minutes earlier due to being around ten pounds lighter. Unfortunately for me I'm still in the New York arty scene at the moment must read quicker and get to interesting bit (ie bands I've heard of).



EndlessMike said...

Reading the same book at the mo. Great stuff. Thanks, as always, for the post.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem