28 May 2006

"High tide - mid afternoonPeople fly by in the traffics boom Knowing - just where you're blowing Getting to where you should be going. Don't let them get you down Making you feel guilty about Golden rain bring you riches All the good things - you deserve now."

I've updated the post thing on my blog so that anyone can leave comments not just registered users. Although you will have to use word verification so as I can stamp out any spam that pops up from time to time 'coz it's annoying. Anyway I think my culling of customers has become much easier of late due to the surfeit of those white car flags that everyone adorns their cars with. Not so easy to hide now is it? Why is it the only fans of sport are the ones that have trouble doing it? They still wear the sportswear and training shoes but only for going out in. We'll have no end of it this summer due to the World cup. Every bar will be full of shouty fat men in 'In-gur-lund' shirts standing in front of a large screen tv bellowing for all he's worth at the referee and offering oaths as to his sexual preference or questioning his parentage accordingly. Most loud people have nothing to offer (this is why a type in a quiet way), but will offer it nonetheless. I think I'll avoid the pubs if you don't mind. I'm also sick and tired of the saga de Wayne Rooney's toe already. It doesn't really matter whether Shrek plays as there are many other fare to middling players willing to take us all the way to the second round as usual. Besides with my new found temporary Brazilian nationality I don't care. All you'll hear from my room will be the sound of Samba music and the smell of brazilian food ... don't know what ahy of that is but I'll stick with the chocolate Brazil nuts and be done with it. I'm considering extending my cull parameters to include Noel Edmonds and the makers of his quiz show, I call it a quiz although I have no idea if it is as I don't know what's going on if I accidentally catch it. Also just because he's annoying ... and short ... with a beard and if that ain't a wig them I'm Dutch. If someone has to keep telling you something's exciting, like he does every five minutes, then surely it's not as you wouldn't need to be reminded as it would be self apparent surely? What it is actually is about a dozen middle class sad bastards who dream of the one big break to pay off the credit card or mortgage. Still I'm just glad I don't have a TV Licence as I don't wish to pay for Anne Robinson's next face lift, is someone supposed to look younger than her own daughter? She's a bit like Joan Rivers who has had so many face lifts that she is a fraid to sneeze. One more lift and She'll have a goatee beard. Culd you imagine a celeb party? "Oh my god Joan's sat too close to the fire she's melting" , "No that's Michael Douglas."

Tonight's music is from the Specials with their 1979 debut albumumumum which is still a favourite after all this time. I remember when my mate Podge first gave me this album as he'd grown into Oi! in a big way, don't know why I can't stand it myself, anyway he gave me the album sans cover as he wanted to keep it on his wall. It always reminds me of when they played on 'Rock Goes to College' back in 1979 on the BBC and just about every kid who mattered, and sadly us as well, sat glued to the set with a tape player and microphone up to the mono speaker on the front of the wooden box tv. Many a tape I've heard where you can quite clearly hear kids saying to assorted parents "Shhh I'm recording" when you can't hear the parents in the frst place and so defeating the object of hushing parents & siblings in the first place. Ah them were the days alright, now I no longer have to place up pieces of A4 paper on the living room door with 'Norfolk Constabulary' crossed out and 'shhhh, I'm recording from the telly' written in felt tip. Kids today don't know they're born all you have to do now is press a button and bugger off to make a cuppa, no more aching arm whilst you hold up a cassette recorder to the tv trying to keep everyone quite via telekenisis only to find out halfway through that dogs are not in tune to your wavelength and will suddenly announce that they can hear a rabbit three miles away which makes Terry Hall's every other word sound like a labrador.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21697123/SpeSpe1979.rar.html The Specials Debut Album

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