29 May 2006

" If the rain comes they run and hide their heads.They might as well be dead.If the rain comes, if the rain comes."

Tonight's post is Madness live at Glastonbury in 1986. The 22nd June 1986 was a disappointing day all round really, yeah sure the sun was shining and I'd had (drunken) sex recently. But some friends of mine (mentioning no Simons or Gavins) were supposed to come around and see me off the night before I joined the Army, but they didn't, they let me down (how unlike them (ahem)). Then to cap it all I sat and watched the England V Argentina match only to be
disappointed by the fact we were shit and amatuerish (until) John Barnes came on and tore down the left wing (too little too late). Not only that but Diego Maradona , or as he's known in my house Cheaty McCheatington the cheaty bastard who did a cheaty thing, decided to start playing basketball. The really annoying thing though is had he not done that 'hand of god' move then we would have admired him for his play because the rest of the match he was excellent like an ugly midget on speed and the short stubby legs with a cheating arm. Now I don't want you to think that I'm anti Argentine (despite being trained at the time by Falkland verterans) and my mother's solution to the Falklands war being intern Osssie Ardiles, but I really don't like the side that cheat, Mario Kempes' 1978 team were a good side and so have some of the others with the exclusion of the 1990 team who decided to just hack people from the neck downwards. 1994 will of course always be marred by Cheaty McCheatington again with his drugs taking. It's a shame as I think that they are a good side maybe it's due to my British sense of fairplay at work here or my new found temporary Brazialian citizenship that I'm getting confused between admiration or animosity? Agh what to do what to do? Oh sod it "Allez Les Bleus" instead "Tah tump te tump te tah taaah tah te taah" My my version of the French National anthem as I don't know the words. Also an added bonus or two to being French, one I know what the cuisine is and it's only £20 to get there ... although I know a French lady who'll insist I get back on the boat. Isn't that right Ma petite fleur? :)

http://rapidshare.de/files/21702180/MG1986.part1.rar.html Madness Glastonbury 22nd June 1986

http://rapidshare.de/files/21703108/MG1986.part2.rar.html "What's the score what's the score?"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. And for the Specials below, as I don't want to bother you with too many thanks comments... :)

This is a nice blog

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem and thanks for your thanks. :)

peixe's musical travelogue said...

>Cheaty McCheatington the cheaty bastard who did a cheaty thing

Oh well,who cares he's a fat geezer on drugs after all.Hope you'll stuff thze germans in the second round:DThanks for Madness concert that's a concrete update.


TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problems I'm glad to share.