31 May 2006

"Turn the tables with our unity They neither moral nor majority Wake up and smell the coffee Or just say no to individuality."

Speaking of shit and amateurish, I watched the match between England and Hungary last night, jesus h christ what a dull first half. Then we scored two in quick succession from David Beckham set pieces to liven up the match. No sooner had the commentators said "The Hungarians don't seem to have any answers" they scored a brilliant goal and opened up the match again, it finished three to one after a nicely worked goal from lanky bean pole Peter Crouch who slotted it past the goalkeeper who seemed to be wearing pyjama bottoms in goal. Anyway it's usually the other way round where we start good and finish crap. I've decided that another reason for not being Brazilian is that Ronaldinho resembles Dwayne Dibbley from Red Dwarf. World's greatest footballer possibly but ugly fucker definitely. Mind you in those stakes he's definitely no Gary Neville but you know what the women see in him is anybody's guess. Also how is he going to play in the world cup and film the Red Dwarf movie in Australia?

Todays two posts are The Specials Live Too Much Too Young repost and Madness Nutty Sounds vol 1 repost and seeing as you are nice I'll put up a new post too. The Scapegoats my mates' half decent punk band from Norfolk. They've supported the Damned in Norwich amongst others so can't be all that bad details on their website www.the-scapegoats.co.uk they are worth seeing live if you get the chance. I still say Dale should do a Shakin' Stevens tribute but he won't have any of it.

http://rapidshare.de/files/21874180/MNSV1.part1.rar.html Madness
http://rapidshare.de/files/21878591/TScarar.rar.html Scapegoats
http://rapidshare.de/files/21880910/TS-TMTYL.rar.html The Specials

NB. I was going to put up The Who's The Kids Are Alright but as AOL have upgraded my line it seems to be unstable and having got halfway through the upload four times I've kind of had enough for tonight. At least you'll have something to look forward to :) Tra La La For Now


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Upsetter for Madness repost. :)

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I'm glad to do it, enjoy the songs.