10 Jun 2006

"Me used to be a angry young man, Me hiding me head in the sand, You gave me the word, I finally heard, I'm doing the best that I can."

I'm having a breast awareness lifetime. I'm sorry to be sexist and all that but my earliest memories are of Sid James. I love the summer, we don't usually get one here in the UK so it's especially nice that this one is lasting more than a week. Mind you the downside is that despite being an island surrounded by the stuff we keep running out of water. Never figured why we've never built desalination plants? Oh well why build something that's useful when you can spend the money bombing innocent people eh Mr Blair? Summer is also 'peanut smuggling season' where the ladys around the town feel the need to shed cardigans and walk about in light summer clothing. It is kinda disctracting when you see it in my shop though there I am trying to tidy up the shelves at the end of the day and then a beautiful women walks down my 'tools & electrical' aisle (obviously lost) when everytime I turn around for some inexplicable reason 32 & a half inches below my eyeline things keep getting knocked off the shelf. I need a girlfriend ... or a cold shower ... every five minutes. It seems to be that the good looking rise late (obviously yours truly is the exception to the rule),as they only come in the shop in the afternoon in the morning we have to put up with the heffers. Fat people in lycra are not good especially with the hot weather, you try serving customers whilst all the time breathing out, it's not easy). D-e-o-d-o-r-a-n-t people!!!!!
Well nice to see my little map down there below my counter is becomming a bit more spotty. I've now had hits from every continent which I'm extremely chuffed about. Trying to find out what country that is in the south east pacific. And more importantly does anyone want to adopt me from there? Short post today due to the fact that I'm watching the World cup at the same time and keep getting distracted. The music today is some 'baggy/madchester' stuff from the period slightly before the explosion of 'Britpop' late eighties early nineties. This is the Ministry Of Sound 'Sorted' compilation from four years ago. Go here for the track listing

http://www.badongo.com/file/844809 uno

http://www.badongo.com/file/845050 dos

http://www.badongo.com/file/845178 tres

Now go away whilst I watch Holland vs Serbia Montenegro. ;) Any fine looking Dutch women want to adopt me?

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