1 Nov 2006

"When you say it's gonna happen now, Well, when exactly do you mean? See I've already waited too long and all my hope is gone"

Call me cynical, also possibly a little bitter and twisted after recent events, but I've just seen a headline on AOL saying "Kylie says "Oliver's love saved me." God how sickly and syrupy can you get? As I believe that love doesn't actually exsist then I'm sure all those highly paid Doctors that she could afford are a bit put out at that comment. I mean I bet she didn't have to sue the local health authority to get the Hereceptin like normal people do. Now don't get me wrong here I've seen loved ones die of cancer and it ain't nice and I don't wish it on anybody (Y Not B Liar, Margaret Thatcher and Dubya aside) but I'm sure there are people equally as loved who don't manage to get the best treatment avaiable. I think though it's probably just me being anti couples in love (where's my baseball bat to smash your lovey doves when I need it?)
Have you ever noticed that those lovey dovey fuckers only come out when you are really pissed off and single? They don't seem to be able to walk about without holding on to each other by either the waistline or the lips, eugh, sick making. One bright ray of sunshine in the dead dove strewn bleak landscape that is my life, is that I won a competition on BBC6 Music's Steve Lamaqc's show. I won a copy of The Who Live at The Isle Of Wight 1970 on DVD (so guess what'll be ripped and posted on this humble little blog?) Still not that I'm ungrateful or anything but I'd still like to win the Lotto and get a lobotomy or join the French Foriegn Legion to forget.

More Peel








Non Peel

I've made a mix tape and without thinking they seem to have a common thread running through most of the songs... See if you can guess what it is Upsetter Fans bitter? twisted? me?



There's a bit of everything in there including some modern stuff. Enjoy Better posts next time sorry.

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