15 Jan 2007

"I'm enlisting, overseas aid need assisting, help with a maid get the expert, on mademoiselles he could diffuse, any bombshell If I could only be tough like him then I could win my own, small, battle of the sexes."

Barry "Shouty Fucker" Scott

The downside to being unemployed is the fact that all the daytime telly is just so dire. As if tv execs feel that you haven't quite been punished enough for not being a contributing member of society. So far I've assaulted with adverts telling me to release the equity in my home so that I might enjoy my retirement a little more. So much so in fact that I become a grinning middle class lunatic who buys random large teddy bears for equally mentalist children. Either that or I could ring some other company to be resced from a desert island by a yatch.So far I have been spared the annoyance of "HI I'M BARRY SCOTT!!!!!!" Mr shouty who the fuck is BARRY SCOTT? Why should I care? I don't want Cilit Bang anyway. The way he bursts onto the screen to inform us he's arrived to sell us his miraculous cleaning chemicals shouting his name makes us wonder if we've been missing out on some wondrous program starring Mr Scott, who I suspect is a made up person. Besides I only use eco friendly stuff in my household chores not some batch of industrial strength chemical gloop that takes your skin off, call me picky.

Over on MySpace I've been added to the lists of some of my favourite celebs me friend to the stars (or at the very least the stars' website guys). I say celebs but none of them have appeared in the big brother house so they aren't celebs as such but rather 'talented individuals' as far as I'm concerned especially Winona Ryder as far as any other actress goes well there are no other actresses. Apart from maybe Heather Graham..... And Jamie Pressly but none are called Winona so there you go.

I've recently taken delivery of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and have been stuffing loads of goals in. Most of them it must be said have been from the Gary Lineker distances but just lately they've been screaming in from outside the box ala my goals on Sensible Soccer on which I cut my console football teeth many years ago. Terry Henry has scored so many times he now plays in open toed sandals. You may be sat there saying don't play PES6 soccer games go out and get a job you lazy arse. Well bollocks, besides I can go online nowadays so I don't have to get wet in the horrible weather we have lately. Besides my landlord keeps bringing up the odd cup of tea so I got it made. I'm yet to have any of those 'Unfortunately' letters, you know? The ones that say Dear Mr .... Thank you for applying for the position unfortunately. I think they should just send a little card with the word 'Unfortunately' on it. It would save ink in this eco friendly age of ours and no one would have to wring out an octopus.

Tonght's posts (would have been 'Today's post' but for Pro Evo 6 ... ahem!) The avi documentary on Two Tone Britain. It's about an hour long and I think I may have posted it before but there you go. Also I've put up The Amy Winehouse album I forgot the other day and The Style Council in Concert. More soon ... providing I can put down the PS2 controller long enough ;)

http://dl51l3.rapidshare.com/files/11387289/AW-BTB.rar Amy Winehouse

http://dl33tl.rapidshare.com/files/11393063/two_tone_britain.part1.rar Two Tone Britain





http://dl53cg2.rapidshare.com/files/11569039/TSC-IC.part1.rar The Style Council



Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for the 2-Tone documentary, it looks great.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

It is a good documentary. I'm about to put up a load of documentaries and music videos that I've copnverted over the last few weeks. Watch this Space.

Anonymous said...

documentary is awesome! thank you! please put up some more of those!

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I'll see what I've got on my rapidly filling hard drive :)

PINTO said...

Ahh the venom, the vitriol not to mention the Cilit bang.
I find myself in a very similar boat to yourself so your comments strike a chord with me big time.
Love the Blog and especially the nice acid aftertaste(even though perhaps i shouldn't lick the screen)

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I'll write my Biography and you'll see the vitriol is justified.:) Thanks for coming and enjoying the blog.

Eric said...

Sorry, can I ask has the Style Councils been posted before? I think I've seen it before.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I don't know but I found it on a Torrent site. There's a five disk boxset of The Style Council coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

are the 2tone doc links dead? i tried left clicking and right clicking both in firefox and explorer and i get the 'problem loading page' error. any chance of re-upping these? pretty please? i know its been over a month, but please, please, please?

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Yeah as soon as I get a moment I will re upload.